Friday, April 6, 2018

Ladies: Simple Guides To Keep Your B00bs Looking Young

Most ladies, wonder whether their saggy br3ast can become firm again. They try different methods, buy and use various creams just to ensure the girls get firm again. Let’s make this clear, never use anything you are not sure of on your girls, to avoid br3ast cancer.

Nevertheless, it’s better if your young and fresh looking br3ast will remain that way than the struggle of getting it firm again. It is understandable that ladies after breastfeeding tend to have their br3ast become saggy. Sagging br3asts in the 20s and 30s can make one look older than they are and also greatly impact one’s confidence and self-esteem.

Here are few guides that helps keep your b00bs looking young;

  • Do Chest Exercise: regular exercise is a way to tighten you falling br3ast after weight loss. Exercises like wall push up, back arcs, floor push ups will help tighten the br3asts.

Keep Your B00bs Looking Young
Keep Your B00bs Looking Young

  • Massage: to avoid br3ast sagging, massage your br3ast three or more times in a week. Massaging will tighten and also prevent the breast from falling. Always massage in gentle circular motion upwards and towards the head. Follow these steps: Hold your breasts like you do when trying to create a cleavage. Now rotate the breasts in circular rotations inward and outward. Do 100 rotations in this manner, at least 2 times a day to firm the muscles of the breasts.

  • Don’t Smoke: to prevent the girls from sagging avoid smoking. As if you didn’t have enough reasons to stay away from cigarettes. This is another reason why you should avoid smoking. Let’s keep the girls up and in good health.
  • Maintain a stable weight: this is another thing that makes a lady’s br3ast saggy. When you keep adding and losing weight. Unfortunately, our bodies oftentimes change without our consent. So the best we can do is to stay consistent with healthy eating habits and exercise.
Keep Your B00bs Looking Young
Keep Your B00bs Looking Young
  • Drink lots of water: This might sounds unbelievable, I mean how water could help firm the br3ast. However, it is better you believe it. Drinking lots of water will improve the skin elasticity. It will prevent not only the br3ast but also the face and some other parts of the body.

  • Sit up Straight and walk straight: Suck your stomach in, straighten your back and push your chest forward. Your posture does play an important role in how much your br3asts sag. If you have the habit of slouching in front of your computer, it is time to get rid of the habit. When your shoulders are curved all the time, your pectoral muscles also loosen causing your br3asts to sag. While walking, push back your shoulders. This will make your br3asts look bigger and prevent sagging.

Keep Your B00bs Looking Young
Keep Your B00bs Looking Young
If these 6 simple guides fail, then you haven’t done something right. Sagging br3ast isn’t purely biological. Think back and this time get it right. The girls will thank me later (Smiles)

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