Friday, April 6, 2018

5 Things That Can Lower IQ Of Young Children

It is necessary that parents take note of the things that might affect the ability to read and assimilate of their children.

There are some things that the children do that lower their IQ and affect their studies in class. Here are five things that lower the children’s IQ.

Things that lower the IQ;

  • Not Resting Enough: when a young child is always stressed up, it can affect his or her thinking level. A child should be vibrant and active. Don’t over work them with lesson before and after school. If at all you want extra classes for your children pick a time after they have rested well enough after their school work.

  • Taking too much sugar: most people think it is okay for young children to consume too much sugar. You probably think it’s okay to consume lot of chocolates and other sweet things. It is not total bad to consume sugar but it should be monitored. Too much of sugar can lower the IQ level and make a child dull. Don’t forget that diabetics is real too.
  • Multi-Tasking: it is okay to want your child to be strong enough t handle many situations at once. However, ensure that it’s not at all times. Juggling many things at the same time can jump up the brain processing. Let them take things one step at a time.
  • Getting Fat: If you have no reason to watch what your children eat prior to now here is one reason why you need to watch it. Obesity can cause reduction in IQ. Be Cautious of what your children eat. It is important that they eat healthy.
  • Smoke: spending time around someone who smokes can be bad for your children’s IQ. It leaves the brain with less vital oxygen.

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